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Has your property experienced a disaster?

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Has your property experienced a disaster?

Enviro Clean Restore Can Help


We provide 24/7 emergency water damage, fire damage, wind damage, and bio-hazard response to homes, schools, universities, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, and businesses.

Enviro Clean’s disaster clean-up team will get your property back to normal quickly and professionally and be with you every step of the way.

Disaster Cleanup & Restoration Specialists

Serving Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Connecticut

Whether you have fire damage in Woonsocket, storm water damage in Cranston, flooding in Warwick, smoke damage and need board-up services in Pawtucket, need mold remediation in Narragansett, or bio-hazard clean-up in East Providence, Enviro Clean’s disaster recovery team will get your property back to normal quickly and professionally. Whatever has gone wrong with your home or commercial premises, we can help. We can even deal direct with insurers to make sure there are no up-front costs for you.

Real people from our 24-hour Emergency Response Team are ready to take your call and provide the best disaster restoration services, even if it’s in the middle of the night or on the weekend or a holiday. We will deploy experts within minutes anywhere within Southern New England including South County and all of Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut and Central Connecticut, Southern Massachusetts and Cape Cod.

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An Enviro Clean project manager will then come and meet you on site (straight away if necessary, 24/7) to have a look at the damage and co-ordinate the best and quickest response. They’ll talk you through everything you need to do, and everything we can do to help!

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Top Disasters Facing Rhode Island Homeowners

Rhode Island homeowners contend with a spectrum of disasters, each presenting unique challenges that necessitate prompt attention and professional intervention. One prevalent concern is fire damage, where house fires can rapidly escalate, causing extensive destruction to homes. In the aftermath of a fire, disaster restoration becomes paramount, encompassing not only the visible fire damage but also the pervasive effects of smoke and water used to extinguish the flames. Emergency cleanup teams play a crucial role in swiftly addressing the aftermath, removing debris, assessing structural integrity, and initiating the restoration process to help homeowners reclaim their spaces.

The state’s coastal location exposes Rhode Island to the destructive forces of hurricanes, leading to significant water damage. These storms often bring torrential rains and storm surges, resulting in flooding that can compromise the structural integrity of homes. The subsequent water damage can be extensive, affecting everything from foundations to personal belongings. Disaster restoration professionals specializing in water damage mitigation and emergency cleanup are instrumental in these situations, employing advanced techniques to extract water, dry affected areas, and prevent the onset of mold growth. 

Speaking of mold, it becomes a consequential issue following water damage, especially in the humid climate of Rhode Island. If water damage is not promptly and thoroughly addressed, mold can proliferate, posing health risks and requiring specialized disaster restoration efforts. Professional emergency cleanup services are equipped to not only remove water and damaged materials but also to implement measures to prevent mold growth, ensuring the long-term health and safety of homeowners.

Rhode Island’s susceptibility to a variety of disasters underscores the importance of preparedness and proactive measures. Homeowners should be aware of the risks posed by fire, water damage from hurricanes, and the subsequent mold damage that may occur. Engaging with reputable disaster restoration and emergency cleanup services is essential for minimizing the impact of these disasters and restoring homes to a safe and habitable condition.

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Helping You Every Step of the Way

1. Call Enviro Clean

Call our 24/7 emergency response time:  888-231-3130.

2. We Arrive Fast

With our exceptional response time, rest assured that we will promptly arrive to assess the damage.

3. Get a Plan of Action

We’ll evaluate the extent of the damage and furnish a comprehensive action plan for its repair.

4. We Restore Your Property

Our experts, professionally trained, will address and minimize any hazards, working to restore your home.

5. Your Life Goes Back to Normal

We reconstruct everything, and put everything back in its spot.