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Fire Damage Restoration

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After calling the Fire Department & 911, call Enviro Clean for disaster restoration services for fire damaged buildings in the southern New England area. Our 24-hour Emergency Response team is standing by to take your call—even in the middle of the night of a holiday weekend. Our fast response means you get your fire damaged property back to pre-loss condition as soon as possible.

Our highly trained technicians are ready to start emergency mitigation actions right away. Because once the fire is out, the battle to restore your home or business has just begun. Water from firefighter hoses can leave water damage and, if not dried quickly and properly, mold. Broken windows, roofs and doors can be an invitation for vandals, animals, and additional weather damage. Structural damage can leave your building unsafe for anyone but professionals with the proper safety equipment. But Enviro Clean’s experienced repair technicians are there when you need them.

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Our Fire Damage Repair and Restoration Services

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Our commercial mold remediation service removes and remediates damage for a number of enterprises, including schools, health care facilities, offices, warehouses, and other places of business.

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Our expert mold technicians implement leading industry standards—so you get high-quality mold inspection and testing services for your home or commercial space.

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Before mold drives you from you home, call our mold removal and remediation specialists. We follow strict standards and protocols so you can live in a safe environment—sooner than later.

What to do after a fire

In the unfortunate event of fire damage to a home, the immediate priority for a homeowner should be ensuring the safety of all occupants and pets. Once everyone is accounted for and out of harm’s way, it is crucial to contact emergency services to report the incident and seek assistance. Fire damage often involves hidden hazards, such as structural weaknesses or lingering smoke, so it is imperative to wait for the authorities to assess the situation before re-entering the premises.

After the fire department has given clearance to re-enter the property, the homeowner should contact their insurance provider promptly to initiate the claims process. Documenting the extent of the fire damage is crucial for insurance purposes, and homeowners should photograph and make a detailed list of the affected areas and belongings. While waiting for the insurance adjuster to assess the damage, it is advisable to take immediate steps to mitigate further harm, such as boarding up windows, covering damaged roofs, and securing the property against potential looting.

Engaging professional restoration services is a pivotal step in the recovery process. A reputable restoration company can assess the full scope of the damage, develop a comprehensive plan for cleanup and restoration, and coordinate repairs with trusted contractors. These professionals have the expertise and equipment to address fire and smoke damage, remove soot and debris, and implement effective strategies for odor elimination. Timely action in collaboration with insurance and restoration experts will contribute significantly to restoring the home to its pre-loss condition and ensuring the well-being of its occupants.

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