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Dry Ice Blasting

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Why Choose Enviro Clean?

The Best Choice for Dry Ice Blasting

In certain cases, Enviro Clean uses state-of-the-art Dry Ice Blasting to remove and clean heavy char, soot, or non-structural damage that occurred as the result of a fire. This form of carbon dioxide cleaning is an exceptionally effective technique to lift toxic residues, soot, and smoke odor from your fire-damaged building and its contents.

Dry Ice Blasting, also called CO2 blasting, employs pelletized dry ice by spraying frozen crystals out of a nozzle with compressed air. The dry ice shatters on the char, soot or other unwanted material and the burst of cold causes the unwanted substance to shrink and flake from the surface it was attached to. The carbon dioxide is then carefully and safely vented away to protect the health of the cleaning technicians and other occupants.

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Dry Ice Blasting: An Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Since no harsh chemical solvents are used, the sole byproduct is sublimated carbon dioxide. The only waste is the residue collected. This is a very effective and environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based cleaning solutions. The dry ice is also soft in comparison to other forms of blasting and less abrasive—and you get results faster.

Enviro Clean After a Disaster

Enviro Clean is there from start to finish—to return your property to its pre-disaster condition in an efficient manner. Our friendly staff is highly trained to help you throughout the entire restoration process after a fire:

  • from taking your initial call,
  • providing emergency board up services,
  • working with your insurance company to speed your claims process,
  • restoring your structure,
  • removing smoke odors and soot
  • to giving you a final walk through.

Find out for yourself why New England customers choose Enviro Clean after a disaster—the outstanding choice for over 30 years.

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