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Hoarding Cleanup

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Hoarding cleanup is a specialized cleaning field—not just junk clean-out. Long term hoarders can amass a vast collection of material. In many cases, animals, garbage and food waste can accumulate and attract a number of biohazards including bacteria, mold, and feces.

ECi cleaning up hoarder house

Enviro Clean’s Hoarding Cleanup Process

Enviro Clean offers the following hoarding cleanup services to the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut area:

  • Debris removal
  • Cleanup of animal and human waste (with necessary personal protection equipment and proper disposal of waste and contaminated items)
  • Sorting, categorizing and cleaning
  • Inventory of salvageable items
  • Retrieval of valuable and sentimental items
  • Recycling
    • Electronic recycling
    • Broken or unusable appliances
    • Plastic, glass and metal recycling
  • Cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing of the entire space.
  • Repair and replacement of structural elements if needed.

Hoarding Cleanup Experts

Our fully trained, professional technicians follow all regulations (local, state, and federal) for biohazardous materials. And if your building requires repairs or serious reconstruction, our construction professionals are experienced in all types of restoration projects. Our cutting-edge technology will help you rest a bit easier, knowing that your property will be returned to a safe and healthy environment.

And with over 30 years experience in responding to disasters, Enviro Clean can handle any size job—with the same friendly service that our residential and commercial customers expect.

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